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Vitamin D Sun – The most important source

Artur Thomalla October 7, 2021

Vitamin D Sun: The sun is our most important source as far as vitamin D is concerned. Our skin can form this vitamin thanks to sunlight. But how much sun is needed for this, is it enough at all? We clarify these questions in this article.

Vitamin D Sun – The sun has a lot of power

The only vitamin that we don’t get predominantly through diet is vitamin D. We get it from the sun, or sunlight. Exposure to sunlight on our skin allows our bodies to make this vitamin themselves. What is important here is the intensity of the UV-B radiation contained in the sunlight. Through this radiation our skin also becomes brown. The first impression that we get enough sunlight in our modern times is unfortunately not true. We often live in cities, our children study and we usually work indoors. As a result, we do not get enough sunlight. So even people suffer from vitamin D deficiency in the summer. In addition, many countries that are north of the 40th parallel are even more extremely affected. This is because not enough vitamin D can be formed from October to March. Here, the vitamin D store must have been optimally supplied, or one takes dietary supplements for this purpose.

Vitamin D sun – Vitamin D production by the sun not easy

There are some factors that have to be right for us to produce about 10,000 to 20,000 I.U. through the sun. But for this to happen, almost the entire body must be without clothing and without sunscreen. Then we could reach these above values within one hour. Of course, the production of vitamin D by the sun is much better than by supplements. The level in the blood is more constant through the sun than through oral intake.

Vitamin D Sun – Is vitamin D produced in the skin?

Vitamin D is formed in our skin thanks to UV-B rays. These are naturally invisible to us and have a wavelength of 290 to 315 nanometers. These sun rays penetrate the upper layers of the skin and there it is converted into cholesterol, which is the so-called previtamin D3, in the second step it is then converted into vitamin D3. If we continue to reflect, part of the previtamin D3 is broken down by our body into ineffective molecules. This is how the body protects itself from a vitamin D overdose. After all these initial steps, the vitamin D3 is then converted to 25-OH vitamin D in the liver, this value is also measured in a blood test. But this is not really the active form yet, which is also effective. The effective form of vitamin D is 1,2-dihydroxy vitamin D3. This is produced by the cells themselves when it is needed.

Vitamin D sun – time of day and latitude are important factors

There are three important factors that tell us how much vitamin D is formed on our skin. These are the skin type, the time of day and the latitude. The flatter the angle of the sun’s rays, the longer they take to penetrate the ozone layer. Another factor is the degree at which the sun is shining. Namely, at 45 degrees, no vitamin D production takes place. That is in the morning and evening

the case, but this is also the case in the winter months. In this time also no vitamin D is formed. In Germany, we have to assume that from October to March, vitamin D production does not take place at all. As a result, we have to resort to dietary supplements here in Germany.

Vitamin D Sun – What is the best time of day?

The UV-B rays are not always extremely strong in the summer months. Around midday it unfolds its best intensity. For this purpose, here is a small table:

Time of day UV-B intensity
Approx. 9 o’clock 12,5 %
9 – 11 o’clock 20 %
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. 95 %
1 p.m. 100 %
13 – 15 o’clock 95 %
15 – 17 o’clock 20 %
5 p.m. until sunset 12,5 %

From the table, you can clearly see when vitamin D production is at its best. Namely around the time between 11 and 15 o’clock. Of course, in the other time of the day you can also produce vitamin D, but not as extreme as in the other time of the day.

Vitamin D Sun – The different skin types

Here is the next point and you can already see how complicated it is. On this point, the type of skin is important. First of all, the level of vitamin D production depends largely on the skin type. If the person is pale and red-haired, vitamin D is produced quickly, but it is different if the person is dark-skinned. For optimal vitamin D blood level, the following conditions should be met:

-Optimal sun time (11 am – 3 pm)


sky should be clear-lying-barely



, the cause of vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D Sun – Vitamin D in old age

As we age, our ability to make enough vitamin D decreases. For this reason, our elderly are especially likely to have vitamin D deficiency. By age 70, vitamin D synthesis is reduced by about 75 percent.

Vitamin D Sun – Vitamin D in Winter

In winter, vitamin D production is no longer present at all. But there are three alternatives so that the vitamin D supply can be guaranteed


-Visit solarium regularly, the banks should be able to produce vitamin D-Vitamin D supplements

with enough international units-Food

that contains vitamin D. Especially fish, mushrooms and milk from organic cows

To get enough vitamin D from food, you would have to eat an extreme amount of it. For this reason, it is not really recommended. Supplements are the best and easiest way to meet vitamin D needs. There are preparations that can supply a lot, these can be bought abroad quite easily.

So, I hope I could help you a little bit with this topic. What do you think about it? Please write a comment so that I can hear your opinion about this topic.

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