Vitamin D for babies and young children

Artur Thomalla January 10, 2022

Vitamin D for babies or should children get vitamin D too? Why should these little people get vitamin D at all? What would be beneficial for them, rather drops or tablets? What are the possible side effects if they overdose?

Vitamin D for babies – Prevents serious diseases

Women who have become pregnant first go to the gynecologist. There you get the great news, but that’s not all. You need to take additional nutrients so that the unborn baby can develop. Among them, of course, is our sun hormone. Usually after birth, the baby is given vitamin D for the next year or two. After that, however, no more, which in my opinion is a fatal mistake. I myself have three children at different ages. They have been to the physical therapist and all three have different levels of rickets. But how can this happen? Actually, it’s obvious, the children have extreme vitamin D deficiency mostly here in Germany. Rickets is actually extinct, but based on my children I know that it is not so. But let’s take a look at whether vitamin D is really important for babies and children of all ages.

Is vitamin D really necessary for babies and children?

The vitamin D we take in through the sun, food or supplements is converted into a hormone. For our body it is essential for survival and fulfills many functions. For example, it ensures that the human skeleton can develop normally. But also the immune system can only function normally with it. But I want to focus mainly on the role of the vitamin in controlling the absorption of calcium and phosphate in this article. These are the two most important minerals for our bodies to develop healthy bones. If there is a vitamin D deficiency in the particular baby, these minerals will not be absorbed. As a result, the bones will not grow properly.

Rickets – This is why babies get vitamin D.

In the 20th century this disease was very feared and at some point it can be figured out that it is a vitamin D deficiency disease. In 1930, for example, thousands of children suffered from this usually extreme disease. The children were therefore given cod liver oil, but it was not known that there was a lot of vitamin D in it. It was not until a few years later that it was understood that vitamin D makes the bones grow better and healthier. For this reason, the therapy with UV lamps was invented. This was used very successfully and the children had almost no more problems. Today all babies get vitamin D tablets after birth. These are called D-fluorettes, which is a combination between vitamin D and sodium fluoride. But we didn’t give that to our children, fluoride is a rat poison. No baby in the world should get that. You can also get vitamin D in drops from the pediatrician.

Why do babies and children have such low vitamin D levels?

Many mothers have a vitamin D deficiency themselves. Therefore, they cannot supply their children with it through their mother’s milk. This leads to a deficiency in the baby. If they are not breastfed at all, then ka

nneither can the need be met by themselves. Babies can naturally produce vitamin D by the body itself. This would require direct sunlight on the skin. But this is not possible in the winter months in central and northern Europe. In summer, things usually don’t look any better. The babies are clothed and they get sunscreen applied. For a baby to make enough vitamin D, the exact opposite must happen. A vitamin D deficiency already has extreme effects in adult people. So what does it look like in a baby? In the first months, they show extreme growth and the skeleton is formed. A deficiency leads to severe malformations and these cannot be reversed. But also a healthy immune system, nervous system and brain depend on vitamin D.

What is better tablets or drops?

Babies but also children should get vitamin D, here are two possible options:

1. Liquid vitamin D as drops or oil2


Vitamin D tablets, which can be dissolved on a spoon

As I said myself I cannot recommend vitamin D tablets. These usually have some unnecessary additives. For this reason, vitamin D drops are recommended for babies.

Do not give vitamin D alone, best with vitamin K2.

No matter if tablets or as OIL, vitamin K2 should always be given. This works together with the sun hormone. Without vitamin K2, the vitamin D does not know where to go with the calcium and can also not be properly utilized. Especially when they are babies, they need both.

Are there side effects and overdoses?

With a normal administration, which is written on the packages, no side effects can occur. Only when 2,000 I.U. is given for too long can symptoms occur:

-sweating-frequent urination-strong


If you overdo it and give 10,000 I.U. every day for a long time, the first symptoms can appear. Never give your baby or child that much vitamin D.

So, I hope I could help you a little bit with this topic. What do you think about it? Please write a comment so I can hear your opinion about this topic.

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