Nuts are they healthy? Fact check

Artur Thomalla December 5, 2021

We all love nuts, even if some of us are allergic to them. They contain many nutrients and can prevent diseases. For this reason, they should be eaten regularly.

Eat every day

Nuts are healthy, that’s a fact. But we eat too little of them. For this reason, it is recommended to eat something with nuts every day. No matter if it is a bar of nut chocolate or a piece of nut cake. Of course, you can also eat the nuts as well, that would be even better. I find it a pity that no doctor in this world recommends nuts instead of beta-blockers or cholesterol-lowering drugs. Well, it is not that simple, all the cakes and chocolates are not really recommended. Because it takes special ingredients to make it good for us. But let’s take a look at what nutrients nuts can provide.

Top nutrients

Nuts belong to the shell fruits and are therefore botanically considered fruits. However, they differ from their other relatives in the composition of their ingredients. Nuts contain very little water, but a lot of fat, protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. For this reason, they are a highly concentrated food with extremely high nutrient density. Therefore, you don’t have to eat a lot of nuts to get full. There are just a lot of nutrients in these small packages.

Healthy fats are there

Many fats are found in nuts. In the past, they were demonized for this reason, everyone was afraid of calorie bombs. Everyone, of course, did not want to get fat and keep their figure. But let’s take a closer look:

Walnuts and neck nuts contain 60 percent fat

Macadamia contain even over 70 percent fat

Hemp and chestnuts also belong to the nut family

We all call them hemp seeds, but in reality they should be called hemp nuts. They belong to the nut family and provide 35 percent fat. There is a reason why the oil of this nut is so healthy, the oil contains an optimal and healthy fatty acid pattern. For this reason, it is one of the best and healthiest oils in the world. The situation is different with chestnuts (sweet chestnuts). There, they contain only 2 percent fat, but a lot of carbohydrates.

Many nuts are actually none

The almond supplied naturally also much fat, but it lies with 50 per cent in the center field. However, it does not belong to the nuts, but to the stone fruit. Many people would not recognize an almond tree as an almond tree. They would rather confuse it with a peach tree. However, there are other varieties that do not belong to the nut family, these include:


Cashew nut

Pecan nut


Brazil nut

The best supplier of omega-3

The different types of nuts, of course, contain a lot of fat. But here the fats are really healthy and therefore offer us a health advantage. Thus, the fatty acid profile is very good in most varieties. For the most part, we find a high content of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. The proportion of saturated fatty acids is low in return. The walnut, however, is special in that it has the highest omega-3 content.

Fatty acid content. This is so good because we take far too much omega-6 fatty acids through today’s diet. It is found in animal fats, grains and sunflower oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are often missing. A 3 to1 ratio (omega 6 to omega 3) would be optimal. Most people are at a 25 or 50 to 1 ratio here and that is no longer healthy. The best ratio is provided by hemp seed. There it is at an ideal 3 to 1.

Good for our heart health

These small miracle weapons are very important for our heart health. This was found in a study in 2009. Walnuts, for example, not only lower blood sugar levels but also inflammation markers in the blood.

The small mostly brown spheres provide antioxidants

But they are not only good for our heart and blood. They also provide a good portion of vitamins and minerals. For example, a lot of vitamin E, which is a very powerful antioxidant, this neutralizes and prevents free radicals. Free radicals can attack healthy cells and cause cancer.

Folic acid and magnesium

Many people lack magnesium and so these nuts, this can bring back up to speed. Magnesium brings many benefits, so it controls blood pressure and relaxes our nervous system. But also folic acid can be found in the small power packs. Especially pregnant women need a lot of folic acid, because only then can the fetus develop healthily. In case of an extreme deficiency, an open back can develop.

Homocysteine is lowered

Folic acid is also important for the rest of us, because high levels of homocysteine in the blood can be lowered with vitamins B6 and B12. Homocysteine is a cell poison, which is to blame for many diseases. Two of them are heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

They contain a lot of proteins

Nuts are a natural and particularly good source of protein. The first place here is taken by the mangle with almost 25 percent protein. Next comes the walnut with 14 percent and then the hazelnut with 12 percent.

Against gallstones

Nussverehrer have besides fewer gall stones, than humans, who eat hardly to none. No wonder, because gallstones occur especially in people who are overweight, have high blood sugar levels and high blood fat levels. Of course, the small nuts also have a good effect on the pancreas.

Good for the head

There are not trail mixes in retail stores for free. For good reason, because there are dried fruits and nuts mixed. Nuts contain two substances that our brain needs to work properly – choline and lecithin. Almonds provide the brain here 52 mg, then comes the hazelnut with 45 mg, walnuts with 32 mg per 100g.


So, I hope I could help you a bit with this topic. What do you think about it? Please write a comment so I can hear your opinion about this topic.

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