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Aesthetic medicine: Gentle and natural instead of cosmetic surgery

Written by Last updated: Sunday, 11 June 2017

Gentle aesthetic medicine instead of cosmetic surgery or Botox injections © taramara78 –


The days of rigid, mask-like faces after a lift or an overdose of Botox seem to be outdated. The trend is toward gentler anti-aging treatments instead of cosmetic surgery. In our interview with Dr. med. Bas Orth, you can learn all about the current treatment methods in the field of beauty and aesthetics.

Bas Orth, MD, is a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine. As a specialist in aesthetic medicine, he focuses on gentle, non-surgical techniques. In his institute, Botox, fillers, thread lift or facelift, eyelid lift and nose correction without surgery are used. By combining different techniques, he achieves a natural-looking rejuvenation in the shortest possible time. This is rounded off by the perfect complement of medical aesthetic treatments and the precisely coordinated cosmetic programs. This perfects the results and ensures a fresh and youthful appearance.

Anti-Aging Magazine (AAM): Dr. Bas Orth – you are considered an expert in non-surgical and gentle techniques for rejuvenation. Your institute therefore offers a wide range of surgery-replacing procedures. What does anti-aging mean today from your point of view?

Dr. Bas Orth (DBO): Until recently, “60 is the new 40” was still true – that is no longer the case today. People who are 60 years old today also want to look like 60 – but like a relaxed 60-year-old or a relaxed 60-year-old. My clients stand by their gray hair and don’t want any surgical procedures – they don’t want everyone to see right away that something has been done. If a client meets a friend, she may be asked “You look different somehow – are you in love?”.

AAM: Until now, it was usually obvious that lips were padded, Botox paralyzed facial expressions, and possibly the surgical lift resulted in a permanently astonished facial expression – what do you do differently?

DBO: I combine various treatments with each other to positively influence the overall appearance, but I do fewer individual measures.

My first priority is a well-groomed skin appearance – and that doesn’t stop at the chin line of the face – the face, neck and décolleté form a single unit. Professional cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine go hand in hand.

Through new procedures, such as the JetPeel™, the skin is first massaged, cleansed and at the same time the top layer of skin is gently removed. In a second step, highly effective substances such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins are injected up to 4 millimeters deep into the skin – solely through the pressure of the air flow and not through microinjections as in mesotherapy. But here, too, it’s the combination that makes the difference.

We achieve incredible skin rejuvenation results in the long term by combining JetPeel™ and micro-needling. If we then additionally fill in the cheeks minimally and use very little Botox to reduce the frown line, for example, we achieve an incredible effect that is not immediately obvious, such as a surgical lift.

AAM: Which oldrnative do you use to a surgical lift?

DBO: Thread lifting has evolved a lot in recent years. I now use 4th generation threads. These are equipped with countless small barbs and tighten the skin immediately during treatment, so that the skin immediately looks firmer and younger. In the weeks following the insertion of the threads, collagen formation is stimulated. This results in tighter skin, defined facial contours, a beautiful neck and smooth décolleté all without surgery and its associated drawbacks, such as the unwanted change in facial contour and features, without general anesthesia, downtime, swelling and bruising.

AAM: Many readers find information on about eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty), which is one of the most common operations in Germany. The eye region is the most important element of our face and contributes decisively to our appearance. Drooping eyelids quickly lead to a tired, sad and aged facial expression and in severely pronounced cases, the excess skin leads to a restriction of the visual field. With excess skin on the lower eyelid, bags under the eyes form.Is there a non-surgical alternative to eyelid lifting as well?

DBO: A very good one! The non-invasive plasma treatment with the PlexR® uses a novel technology that is highly effective yet minimally invasive. This treatment is very safe, avoids most of the risks of surgical eyelid lift and shows excellent efficacy and the result is absolutely scar-free. The procedure is also often called SoftSurgery, because it is gentle, but the results are absolutely comparable to those of surgery.

In the plasma method, plasma is generated in a tiny arc, which I can use to remove tissue in a very targeted manner. This is called sublimation – the tissue goes directly from a solid to a gaseous state. The excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid is tightened very precisely.

I also use this method to treat unwanted scars, lip wrinkles (pleated lines), age spots and remove tattoos. Plasma is also excellent for the treatment of acne: Hyperkeratosis is removed, sebum can drain better and the skin is disinfected by nitrogen radicals – all in one application.

AAM: Liposuction and body contouring are also invasive procedures that sometimes do not produce the desired results – not to mention the risk of wound infection. What would you recommend to our readers?

DBO: It’s often not just the excess fat alone that bothers. At the same time, cellulite should be reduced and the skin tightened. That’s why I advocate a combination of several methods here as well.

With the help of low-frequency ultrasound, the membrane of fat cells can be specifically destroyed, this procedure is called cavitation. The released fat then leaves the body naturally via the lymphatic system. For larger or stubborn problem areas, I combine cavitation with cryolipolysis. In this case, the fat cells are targeted in a be

The fat cells are cooled to as low as -6°C in a specific area using a cold applicator. Studies have shown that fat cells cannot withstand this low temperature and die. This process takes a while, so the treatment effects will only be visible in the coming weeks and months. Other tissues, such as skin or muscles, are not destroyed. Cryolipolysis can reach fat cells up to 6 cm under the skin without downtime, incisions or scars. The only disadvantage is that fat that hides behind muscles, such as visceral fat in the abdomen, eludes treatment, just as with liposuction. A 3D lipomassage also helps to remove the dead fat cells and the fat itself more quickly – the skin appearance of cellulite is also improved by the lipomassage.

For the treatment of cellulite, the combination of lipomassage with 3-D radiofrequency is particularly suitable. Here, radio waves penetrate into deeper skin layers, heat the tissue and thus lead to a new formation of collagen and elastin. By the way, radiofrequency is also excellent for treating the face and neck for a firmer and smoother appearance.


English are the absolute pioneers in this field – the technology, the 3-D Lipomed system, which combines cavitation, cryolipolysis, 3-D lipomassage and radiofrequency, also comes from there


AAM: What our male readers are particularly interested in: do only women come to you or is beauty and aesthetics now also acceptable for men?

Many men even come to us. Especially since the trend is moving away from major procedures that are visible to all. For men, it is especially important that not everyone immediately notices that something has been done to their well-groomed appearance. Our non-invasive methods provide natural results and this is met with great enthusiasm, especially by our male patients.

Men are often uncomfortable when their shirts show large sweat rims or wet hands when shaking hands firmly. If the sweating is very pronounced (hyperhidrosis), we have so far treated this quite successfully with Botox injections. However, this involved applying up to 150 injections to the affected area. You can imagine that this was neither joking nor bloodless. Today, I also do that with the JetPeel™. It’s much gentler, the distribution is much more even, and the results are at least comparable!

Men often want a flatter and firmer abdomen or less rolling at the hips. This is where our 3-D Lipomed comes into play. But just as often, men also have drooping eyelids or acne scars corrected


AAM: There are many new approaches that are less invasive and therefore also significantly reduce side effects and make the overall appearance more natural – we think that’s a good trend! Thank you very much for talking to us, Dr. Bas Orth!

Our interview partner: Dr. med. Daniel Bas Orth from the bo Institut in Weinheim


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