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What can I do with a tensor, a one-handed rod ? | Indolife

What is a tensor ?

A fine measuring instrument, a radiaesthetic instrument. It always consists of a handle, a rod, a tip. Besides the rod, especially the tip made of conductive material.

Tensors are not only useful in home use, but also serve therapists, doctors, alternative practitioners as a useful tool.

Before I come to some practical examples, first the beginning:

You sit there, you have the handle in your hand..and now what?

Speak aloud with the tensor !

This will help you to concentrate on the task of the tensor. Because your concentration on the task you give to the tensor, only enables the clear answer of the tensor.

Clarify the cooperation with your tensor !

How does your tensor show you his YES or his NO. Or its YES, maybe ?

Just ask your tensor (loud, determined): Tensor, show me your YES !

Does your tensor now swing powerfully up and down vertically like our YES head movement ? Yes ?

Then as a counter test: Tensor, show me your NO !

If it swings strongly horizontally back and forth, like our head shaking, then we have its NO.

Your tensor will stay with these movements in the future.

Vertical YES (nod), horizontal NO (shake head)

I once worked with a tensor that did it the other way around. Vertical was his no, horizontal his yes. Very irritating. Could not be dissuaded.

Then you should still clarify: Show me your “yes, maybe” and your “no, maybe” for unsure, need for clarification.

Usually “Yes,maybe” an oval circle to the right, “No maybe” the same to the left.

But it can also be that your tensor has his own head and shows you differently.

Ask him !

Basics in dealing with the tensor

Always let the tensor come to rest after an answer. It is best to steady the rod with your hand. Or even tap the tip on a solid ground

After asking a question, let the tensor take some time until it strikes out strongly. It may be that it still has the previous answer (a YES, for example) in it, but now wants to say No. You will see it. It swings hesitantly vertically, then wavers a bit and now gives the answer, a strong horizontal


A tensor adjusts to you. Give it to someone else to test, make sure afterwards that his answers are still the same. Ask him again the question about his yes and his no ! Ecotensors should then, to exclude any interference, in a suppressor (Neutradoc)

Ecotensor in cork case, for on the road / travel

What can I test with my tensor ?

EVERYTHING, really everything you can think of.

Ask your houseplants if they need water. Or fertilizer. Hold the tip of the tensor loosely against the plant. Ask your question out loud: plant or whatever you call it:

Do you need water ?

Do you need fertilizer ?

I recently moved and live alone. So my plants inevitably have to cope with me being a man, when it’s usually the housewife’s job. And I do not have very much to do with it.

Today I asked my plants if they are satisfied

en are. Two answered No. Why, are you getting too much/too little water, fertilizer, sun! Yes, that’s it, one (banana plant) too much sun, another too little ! Place exchanged. I will ask them soon if they are happy now

So you can test medicines : tensor, is this medicine good for me ?,

food, detergents, substances they wear on the skin


Is the bed good for me ?

In my office, I have always suffered from skin itching in the middle of the back. I suspected that my laser printers were emitting vapors, so I moved them far away from my desk. It was no use, the itching remained.

Tested my office with a tensor. Laser printers were good, but, shelves, pressed, varnished boards, those were the culprits !

Above I wrote that I recently moved. In a new apartment you have to drill holes in the walls sometimes. What to do if a hole should go just below an electrical outlet. Without a tensor, it would be a simple matter of drilling and seeing if it works. Nothing can happen, power lines are encased, so the drill stops, but I have a superfluous hole in the wall

Where is the power line to the switch ?

With Tensor:

tap the wall. Tensor, is there a line here ?

It ran sideways away from the outlet, drilling under it was no problem.

I like to hike. See a lot of mushrooms. I don’t understand any of it. Jokingly asked mushrooms:

Are you poisonous ? No ! Can I eat you ? No.

Well. Clearly, not poisonous, but also not edible.

With porcini mushrooms and chestnuts, the tensor said yes with certainty

So there is nothing they can’t test. Am I allergic to …?,

Is this drink, this food, this spice good for me ?

Is this cream, this shampoo good for me ?

Am I dressed warm enough ?

Yes or not yes after all ?, narrow down with questions

You have an object, let’s say a herb you picked yourself, that you think is a certain medicinal herb. But you are not sure. Feel your way with the tensor.

  • May I eat you
  • Are you good for me
  • Are you a medicinal herb
  • Are you good for my skin
  • Are you bad for my digestion

Follow your questions all the way to your intended target. It can be that until then sometimes a no comes, then again a yes. This way you can approach your desired goal and get an answer. And, by the way, that is also exciting.

In addition an example from my experience. It was about a food supplement with medicinal herbs to concrete complaints.

My questions


  • Is it good for me : NO
  • Can I eat it : YES
  • Is it bad for me : NO
  • Is it good for (a specific area of the body) : NO
  • Is it good for (a specific point in the body) : YES

Approach your goal. So the first NO does not mean, hands off, but for me as a whole it brings nothing, it is not good (but also not bad). But the last YES, to my desired goal the tested preparation brings something positive. Maybe it would be better not to ask the question, “is it good for me”, but “is it useful for me”.

Test, try f

ust choose for yourself the optimal work with your tensor

Which tensor (one-handed rod) should I take ?

For home use, a tensor with steel, brass or copper rod / tip is sufficient. They are robust and sensitive. You will see that Tensors with different handle materials, such as wood, soapstone, beech wood are offered to you. Which one you take is a matter of taste. For the measurement, the rod and tip is crucial. This is the technical requirement

But the really decisive for the effectiveness of the Tensor is you !

Your steady hand, your switching off, your effort not to consciously steer the tensor to a desired answer, but, let the tensor do it all by itself !

When should I take an eco-tensor ?

With eco-tensors we come into the professional area. As a rule, additional high-quality materials such as gold are processed here. And they have a round measuring body instead of a tip. You can approach the human body with this, to put it boyishly. Search for residential toxins, test clothing, does it emit anything harmful ? Is this the substance to which my skin reacts negatively ? Is this substance compatible with me?

Energized water, which one is right for me ? Stones or anything else you want to wear on your body. Testing, asking the tensor, is the stone placed on the arm or on a necklace etc good for me ?

Is this remedy good for me ? Or more concretely, is this remedy good for my throat, intestines etc ? Or differently, does this remedy harm me ?

And, and, and…try !!!

Here is a video of working with an ecotensor

Ecotensor on the go

Specialized work with a dismountable ecotensor + scanning sensor. https://www.

And here is a bit of practical work with a simple tensor, in this case Spirello, wooden handle, extendable steel rod:

Tensor Spirello

In the photos and this video ( ) you can see that I worked with a simple tensor. Steel rod. This is quite sufficient for home use.

More info’s about the differences between dowsing rod, tensor, eco-tensor you can see here

Uwe Schulze

Here you can go to the rod shop

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